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Our Service Fellows are key pillars to our Stockton community, in which they play a unique role in connecting Stockton residents to resources. They act as mentors, tutors, community organizers, academic advisors, and coaches. Notably, they serve with compassion, love, and care with an understanding that they face similar experiences.

Our Service Fellows serve in one of the AmeriCorps programs operating in Stockton. To better understand their role, click on our partner page to see the type of programs that our Service Fellows service with.

The Role of A Service Fellow

Service Fellow


Hear from a service fellow.

“I believe my most remarkable moments during this service year is getting to know and work with the brothers in Tracy. Meaning getting to know their stories, what colleges are they interested about, and help guide them to understand what to expect in college. Building that connection and forming a relationship with them to have them feel comfortable and build a bond of trust within that relationship.

The experiences I had while in service definitely shaped my interest for my future career by showing myself what I need to pursue to become some type of counselor/therapist whether it be as a school guidance counselor school or for someone else that needs it personally. It has given me insight into the other side of my world that keeps on joining communities that try and make a difference, no matter how small or big the community is.”

– Chanrithy Sek, Improve Your Tomorrow

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