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Our work is rooted in Stockton, and we strive to create a culture that is community-focused and community responsive. We believe that we could create a more enriching and empowering experience for our community through collective action. In doing so, we create strategies and lead coalition efforts that are centered around the expertise of our partners.

We collaborate to maximize resources and move from a place of scarcity to creatively designing conditions for abundance.

SSC Partnership Priorities

We seek partnership with organizations or agencies interested in exploring strategies for leveraging people power to elevate their work. We identify what we look for in a partnership. Partners must manage a program or project that:

Impacts Stockton Residents

Aligns with one of the three focus areas

Utilizes a time-bound cohort

Operates in Stockton, CA

Identifies as time-bound

Programmatic outcomes


As a place-based initiative, we commit to working alongside our partners to co-create strategic plans that address the needs of our communities. Through an equity lens, we provide a wide range of services and support to supplement their resources.


No. We don’t charge partners with our services and support. However, we do ask our partners to at least commit in meeting concurrently so that we could better accommodate your needs with our resources.
Due to staff capacity, we are intentional about how we maximize our resources and our commitment is to support our communities in Stockton. So we do prioritize partnership that meets all the guidelines under our SSC Partnership Priority. However, we are always open to any partnerships that benefit the communities in Stockton. Please contact us for more information.
Yes. We believe that the nature of our partnership should align with our resources and partner’s needs. Partners choose the level of partnership that would best suit their needs. Our partnership levels range from Tier 1 to Tier 3 - 1 being the highest level of partnership interaction and 3 being the least level of partnership interaction. Details are discussed during our initial meeting. 
Once you identify that your organization meets the SSC Partnership Priority, then you can connect with us and we will find the best time for us to have our initial meeting.

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